(Gunkless SolidWorks Design: Tim Tregubov,  Spring 2010)

For the "flagship" engineering class my group, Divya Gunasekaran, Elizabeth Klinger, Alannah Linkhorn, Pavel Sotskov, and myself, designed and built a self-cleaning drain. It was a small device that would retrofit in your shower drain and was foot powered to help clear clogged drains. By the end of the course we had a working, tested prototype.

My goals for the class on the outset were: to learn some machining and SolidWorks --- basically an engineering experience outside of electronics and computer engineering. That happened, along with some fun design stuff and a lot of report writing and gantt charting.

My contributions to the project were:

  • SolidWorks design
  • rapid prototyping (Object Eden)
  • some lathe and milling machining work

Here is our final presentation

Some of my initial brainstorming sketches:

Annotated SolidWorks concept:

SolidWorks Templates for milling:

Rapid prototype pieces:

The final machined prototype: